Saturday, January 16, 2010

A boring story about a cake, and a very grown up brother of mine.

My older brother Nathan had a birthday the other day. He told me he wanted twice baked potatoes and a cake with home made frosting. I was all over it, sort of.

I found a recipe for the cake Here and got to work. Everything was going well until i opened the oven and found 2 very strange looking cakes and a pile of cake on the bottom of the oven in a little blob {I was going to post a picture, but since a blob of chocolate cake looks similar to many undesirable things, I think I'll just let you use your imagination on this one}. To make things worse, after they cooled I attempted to pop them out of the cake pans but instead of 2 round cakes i ended up with about 7 smaller country shaped cakes. I'm not sure exactly what went wrong and I was a little discouraged, however, I wasn't going to dissapoint my brother on his birthday so i scrubbed in for a little cake surgery. After pasting some of the chunks together and with a little help from one of my roomates we ended up with this:

Anyways, I would definitely recommend the recipe to any of you who have a sense of adventure and like a good tasting chocolate cake. ( Nathan told me it tasted even better day 2 )
We didn't have any candles so Nathan just made his own with some paper and crayons. Anyways the whole point of this was to tell Nathan Happy Birthday, he really is a great older brother and I'm so lucky to get to be his little sister and annoy him all the time with rants and questions and stupid stories (much like this one)!

Happy 2 and a half decades Pooky.

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