Sunday, May 31, 2009

MAY your days be merry and bright

Sorry to throw that Christmas pun in there. I heart may. So MAnY things have happened in this glorious month that i have to purge myself of them in this blog.

First of all I got all my housing figured out for next year. I am going to BYU. I'm not sure if many of you know but BYU has been my dream school ever since my BFF/brother Eric sent me a little stuffed cougar that had a little blue BYU sweater when i was 10 years old. I found out I'm living in Heritage Halls which I am very excited about.

May 14 15 and 16 was the best weekend ever!!
It all started that Thursday night when my very good friend from Illinois came to visit for the weekend. Then Friday morning I had my last day of seminary ever. Then we had a half day at school so after that me and my friend Ben from Illinois and 2 of my other close friends hopped in a car and headed to the cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul for all you non Minnesotans) to see my favorite band Keane in concert. Before the concert we stopped at my friends favorite restaurant Punch Pizza were we had some very delicious gourmet pizza. After that we walked around grand avenue and went window shopping. Finally we made it too the concert. It was standing room only and we were 3 rows from the front. It was amazing.

Saturday morning I graduated from seminary. It's sad to have to say good bye to all my friends from seminary. They have all meant alot to me. However, NO MORE WAKING UP AT 5 AM!!! woo hoo!

Finally the final event of the weekend... PROM! I went and got my hair done ran home and slipped into my dress with like 10 minutes til my date was supposed to pick me up. After pictures we went out to eat at a local restaurant, went to Target (it's a tradition), and made a quick stop at Dairy Queen. The dance was amazing, the final song of the night was Journey Don't Stop Believing which was... Great?

The rest of May has just been a breeze of laziness. Life is hard when your a senior and you've already finished all your testing and you dont have any homework. I only have one day of class left and one final to take then I'm home free til (sort of) till saturday when I recieve my diploma, throw my hat, and leave my high school days forever.

All of this in the little old month of May.

Some other random things i did in may
- Bought tickets to go visit my two brothers and sis in law in Virginia/DC
-Finished my job as a nanny
- Started a job teaching tennis
- Took 3 AP tests
- Had Indian food for the first time ever
- Met my future roomates
- Had a 'Smore' gasborg party (we had a Smore Bar with a whole bunch of different Smore toppings)
-went to the minnesota Zoo
-got a bike (heres a pic: