Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tis The Season To Be Rolly

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to pig out not once not twice but three times, and tonight i will get the opportunity to indulge 1 more time. You see, traditionally we have thanksgiving dinner with our good good friends the Beaches, but since we would be in Illinois this year visiting my favorite brothers and my wonderful sister inlaw and "viciously" forgetting and ignoring my two other brothers (, the Beaches suggested and requested that we have a special thanksgiving Fat Night on Wednesday night. For those unfamiliar a fat night is the once or twice yearly opportunity to throw everything in the kitchen into a deep fat frier and then eat it. The evening was celebrated with greasy batter fried goodness and the wholesome squeals of joy that can only be created by a game of Bomberman. The next morning at 5 o clock we bustled out the door to head to Nicole's Sister's house where we then particitipated of the American Past time of eating way to much Turkey Stuffing Pie and anything and everything else. The next day was the annual eat all the left overs and crackers and cheese till you look like one of those pot bellied Buddhas. And now im sitting here in the home of our lovely friends the Kays waiting for tonight when we will be celebrating once again with a second fat night. This time accompanied by My family and the Kays and their Family and the Tanners. Oh the joys of feeling like your stomach is going to explode. And now I'm going to figure out how to work my blog, because as most of you can tell, this blog is as techonologically advanced as my wonderful mother who bless her soul has just learned to text.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A wonderful beginning... sort of

So, even though it seems like by making a Blog I'm copying the notorious Christian, and whats his name... oh yeah Nathan by, I'm not. I am actually copying Matthew and Nicole. And even though this post is no doubt going to be kind of lame and filled with meaningless fluff, I felt really stupid making a blog with nothing in it. So there you are dear family, my blog.