Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's kinda like studying for Biology

My dear friends. I'm not sure if you are aware. But AP biology and I are not friends. so last night while vigorously studying for my Chapter 29-31 Virus and Bacteria quiz, I just happened to come across this:

That was the end of any lame attempt I had to study last night. I watched this video at least 8 times. Then promptly shut my biology book and went to bed. However a miracle happened. Apparently Jack Frost hates Biology too, so today Rochester Minnesota is supposed to get hit by a huge snow storm, so they called off school. That means one more day to "study" about viruses and bacteria. There are such things as miracles.

This is another means of my procrastination. I reccomend watching it a few times to really appreciate it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daze of Much Sno

So this weekend our school had there girls preference dance Sno Daze. I asked my good pal Nate. In case you were wondering i covered his car in cheese left a note that said "I know its cheesy but will you go to Sno Daze with me?"

Here's some pictures from the dance:

Pinning on the flower
(Got it on first try by the way, no blood either)

My friend Lauren and my new friend Veronica (You can call her Vons)

(This is our Fake Smile picture)

Anyways. I know I havent Blogged very much in the past month, but in all honesty, its been pretty low key. Just the excitement about getting into BYU. The weather has been slightly warmer, its been around 37 degrees meaning I've been running outside alot in shorts. Other than that, life's been slow. Anyways, Happy late valentine's day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Definitely and other words I can’t spell good.

I don't know if any of you have caught on, but I am probably the worst speller on the planet. I'm not sure why, but I just wasn't blessed with the gift. I was looking through one of my assignments the other day and the teacher had marked several words with his scary red pen. These underlined attacks at my amount of knowledge didn't surprise me, because when it comes to spelling, I tend to get lazy. Plus, I am perfectly aware that I have no idea how to spell the words definately, tomorow, phase, excersize, Micheal, turquoise, and many others which I can't think of right now, and, I just learn to accept myself the way that I am. And now that were on that topic, I'm also really bad at using the wrong form of words like, excepted accepted, who whom, to too, yes no (just kidding). I'm forever cursed to be the most grammaticly incorrect person ever. Spell check hates me, and I’m sure all of you English people are just cringing at this post, I just thought I would apologize in advance for all my future mispellings.

Oh and by the way, yes, I did get accepted to BYU.