Sunday, December 21, 2008

O Christmas Tree

So my wonderful kind and patient brother Nathan called me the other day while he was knitting, and he began tearing up at the fact that i hadnt blogged for a while. Normally i wouldnt give in to such peer pressure, but my sweet nathan is very tender hearted, so naturally out of pure kindness, i am obliged to do what he says.

Anyways, i suppose i have to go all the way back to getting our christmas tree. As the only child at home, it is my duty and responsibility to make sure that we have a quality gigantic christmas tree. This also means that it is my job to refuse my dads threats of buying a fake christmas tree. It is alot of pressure, but i believe i handled it well this year. It all started on a blustery day in late november when my current boss called me to tell me that i had earned a job a Tradehome shoe store. So anyways back to the tree, i had to go get some papers signed at trade home saying i was a legal citizen and i hadnt broken any laws and had my rabies shot etc. and then i got home and we went to get the tree. However by the time we got to the tree farm it was almost dark

So we got to the tree farm and the kid working there asks me and my parents (Who after years and years of christmas tree finding consider ourselves professionals)
Punk Kid: What are you guys looking for tonight?
Me: I think we were looking for a tree
*Silence+mom giggling*
Punk kid: well, whatever, but we have lots of kinds of trees
Dad: Well we're looking for a tall tree
Punk Kid: Well we might have some 6 or 7 footers in that section over there

6 or 7 FT?!?!?!?!?! oh brother. So anyways me and my lovely mother started our trek to the white pine and scotch pine area to start looking for trees. My dad was supposed to be following us, but something had caught his eye. The economy tree section. That is right... Economy trees, 14.95 for a tree that looked like it had been hit by a cattle truck. My dad was elated it was like love at first sight. So while me and my mom were busy picking out a tree that actually looked good and was about 9-10 feet tall my father runs over and says, hey guys lets get an economy tree, they are such good trees. Woah, hold on buckaroo, as the only representative for the children of the family, i had to put my foot down, there would be no purchasing of precut short economy trees as long as i was still around. I told my father these feelings of my heart, and he proceeded to try and convince me of how good these economy trees were, however, with the economy in the state its in, i didnt believe one word of it.

Anyways, long story short we ended up picking out a 9 foot tree in about 15 minutes which is a record time for decision making in the Cragun household. We then proceeded to take it to the tree bagger, upon dragging the tree over to where the Punk Kid was standing his mouth dropped open and he said and i quote "Wow, you guys sure did want a big tree" Mission accomplished.

Our tree was so big that it didnt fit through the tree bagger, we ended up needing to cut off a branch or two at the bottom, which is fine by me because we will need that space for presents anyways. We then proceeded to haul the tree home and get it all set up for my dad to put the lights up. which he loves doing, so any of you who need someone to put lights on your tree, call my dad, he will jump at the opportunity.

This is us trying to shove the tree through the tree bagger (the red and white thing), notice Punk Kid is being eaten by the tree, his shoes are sticking out at the bottom.

This is our gargantuan tree, we have lots of ornaments on it, i oversaw its decoration and made sure that all the classic ornaments were put up (6 dwarves, ornamators, weird animal things that dad hates, etc.) And i also was happy to welcome a few new ones, like the Official White House Christmas Ornament of year 2007, and my personal favorite: Weird Scottish Guy who's Kilt wont Stay Down in back and thus is in an eternal state of mooning.

Well, to those of you who wont continue reading because this blog has gotten rediculously long, have a merry christmas and a happy new year. For those of you who have nothing better to do, go ahead and read the rest, i cant promise it to be exciting.

So a few random things have happened to me since i last blogged which was an eternity ago, and since im to lazy to talk about them in detail, ill just give you the play by play

1. My new job at Tradehome shoes
2. I had a weird dream about the kids in my youth group eating deer in my backyard
3. I entered into a drawing for an ipod touch at school, but because of a snow day, wont hear if i won or not until after winter break
4. We had 2 snowstorms in a row, allowing me to leave work 2 hours early on both thursday and saturday.
5. we had our first official snowday on Friday, which was the worst possible day to have a snow day

I'm to lazy to write anything else, if you really want to hear anything about those things more in depth, feel free to ask.

Merry Christmas Ya'll