Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ya, You Betcha

My family is spread pretty far apart, I currently have 2 brothers in Utah 1 brother and a sister in law in Ohio, 1 brother in DC, and my parents who live in Minnesota. It's pretty rare to have the whole family home, except at Christmas, but as luck would have it, our whole family came home for one reason or another and we got to spend 3 wonderful days up north together at beautiful lake superior.

I love Minnesota for so many reasons, one of my favorite things about the land of lakes, is the lakes! My family and I stayed in a little summer home that was right on lake superior. We ate delicious food, went hiking, canoeing, ate at sven and oles pizza and explored some of the sites that surround the lake. The Lake Superior area, or Up North as we call it, is one of my favorite places.

Most people don't realize that the moose chair was invented in Minnesota.

Split Rock Lighthouse

Me and my brother.

Christian beat Nathan in the how long can you stand in Lake superior contest, which unfortunately is a contest where no one really wins.

This is me and my sister in law nicole in front of split rock.

Again I only wish i had taken more pictures, You'd think i woulda learned from my trip to Virginia. Anyways, I say goodbye to my favorite home state this week as I head off to college, and although I'm super excited, i will always miss good old uffda Minnisooda.

Virginia's all relative.

So I haven't done a whole lot of blogging this summer so i have alot of catching up to do, and seeing as I have an excuse to take a break from packing today, I thought I would write a post about my adventure to a little place called Virginia.

A while back I decided it would be fun to spend some time with my new sister in law Nicole and I also wanted to visit my 2 brothers Matthew and Eric, since it seems i dont see them as often as my other 2 brothers. So I started saving and finally i earned enough. My reward was a whole week of virginia fun! Unfortunately i realized half way through the week that I hadnt really taken any pictures, so i will have to vividly describe most of my memories. :)

This is my Amazing brother Matthew and his Beautiful wife Nicole. They were nice enough to let me stay with them even though Matthew was just finishing up some classes and his job and they were about to move to Ohio. It was fun to see the coast side of virginia. Nicole and I spent alot of time at the beach (it was a real beach, which although we have 10,000 lakes here in Minnesota, there aren't really any real beaches), making purses, taking walks, and doing some sort of weird mixture of yoga and stretching while listening to michael jackson. Matthew and nicole and I also went out to eat at some cute little restaurants and they showed me a few of the beautiful sites in Hampton VA. Thanks again for the wonderful weekend Matthew and Nicole.

After Hampton I got to spend the weekend with my other Wonderful brother Eric in the DC area. We saw some fun things. For Example:

This is a portrait of stephen colbert hanging up in the American History museum. It was the only smithsonian we went to while i was there, but it was definitely fun! While there we saw dorothy's ruby red slippers and payed a visit to kermit the frog.

One thing i never got a picture of was the Barbeque festival in downtown DC. Although it wasnt quite what we expected it was still amazing. It was a huge barbeque competition with competitors from all over the country. Plus they were giving away free Nationals hats, which would come in handy later. I would try to describe the abundance of sweet barbequed meat but i dont think i could do it justice. Instead I'll just show you this picture of the random flying ports of potty we saw.

My second favorite thing was the Eastern Market. Eric was patient enough to take me there so i could shop. We had fun watching this little jazz band from New Orleans. We were going to have the famous pancakes but the line was a little long.

My favorite part of the weekend was hanging out with Eric. We went to a Baseball game where i got to wear my new free nationals hat. Unfortunately because i was wearing it i couldnt cheer for the orioles who were doing all the home runs and winning and stuff. But it didnt matter, it was still fun. Also we bought eric a new grill and spent a few hours putting that sucker together. To celebrate we grilled burgers which i may or may not have slightly ruined (sorry eric). It was fun to meet all of erics cool friends and spend a little time in DC. Thanks for the fun weekend Eric!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The "and you didnt think I was extreme" adventure

Ok so maybe by the end of this post you wont think I'm some extreme hill woman ( I would say mountain woman, but even though they call it high adventure we didn't set one foot on a mountain).
But i thought i would try to impress you by telling you how me and 21 other girls "roughed it" for a week (although it could be easily argued that eating pizza and laying around a campsite for a week doesn't count as rough).

It all started when we piled 22 girls and all their stuff into a truck and 2 vans and after a little trouble with one of our adults forgetting to put the car in park before he got out we hit the road old school style with a fresh "High Adventure 2009 CD " playing in the background. We were on our way to the grand ol "up north" (thats what us Minnesoootans call the lake superior area.) After hitting a few water falls on the map and finding out that Taylor likes boys and is as sure footed as a mountain goat we rolled into our campsite with Lipgloss by lil mama playing full blast, set up our tent right on the hill (which is a tradition that we question every year) and got right to the main event. Food.

One of the best parts about high adventure is the gaining weight part. No day goes without an amazing meal. We started out easy with walking tacos, but it only gets better, over the course of the week i had, Pizza in a box, beef stew, fresh rolls with homemade raspberry jam, dutch oven cornbread, amazing chocolate cake, tinfoil chicken dinners, cobbler, french toast waffles and pancakes, sausage and bacon, and lots of hot cocoa. And to top it all off, lots of those yummy peanut granola bars that have that yummy peanut butter coating on the bottom.

This is our pizza in a box pizza. I could try to explain to you how it all works but im not sure i even really get it. All i know is we cover the inside of giant cardboard boxes with tinfoil and put hot coals and boiling water in there to make the oven. The pizza is amazing. Allison and Tay Tay made a meat obsession pizza ("meat lovers" didnt quite do it justice.)

Don't be fooled. Inside those cardboard boxes are mountains of hot spicy pizza.

And this is what we did while we waited for our pizza to cook. It's called ninja huh, its another H.A. tradition.

If you start thinking that all we did on our adventure was sit and eat and play games you couldnt be more wrong. We also slept and danced to Lipgloss and learned the hoedown throwdown...

And did a little tying and Dyeing...

Ohh alright and we hiked a little.

Unfortunately the weather spent most of the week raining so we spent a lot of time sleeping in our downhill tent and not alot of time hiking which is really the point of HA.

The last day we had the chance to walk around one of the lake side towns which is really beautiful. So to sign off this post i thought i would put up a picture of a little garden thing we found hiding in the middle of the commercial part of the town.