Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(insert cheesy graduation quote here)

For my graduation present this year my parents suprised me with a new camera. They gave it to me a week or two early so I could take some pictures of my last days of high school and i never turn down a challenge, so here it goes, i have alot more pictures but that would get boring and old so this, my friends, is a run down of my last 2 weeks as a high school senior.

It all started out when the seniors got done with class and finals a week early. We were determined to celebrate while every one else still had to go to school. We started off with a giant water balloon fight.

Me Trevor Cameron and Matt (top row) all secretly stole water balloons to explode on people before the picture. I forgot that Ian (middle row far right) has muscles and knows how to punch people, don't worry, I'm a fast runner :)

We let em off easy the second time. Here's all my pals (well not all of em, most of em)

We had a BBQ/yearbook signing/volleyball game. Ian and Matt made some dang good burgers.
My team won the volley ball game, i would like to say its because I'm so good at volley ball from playing it at all the Eddington family reunions, but that would be a lie. I spent most of the game face planting trying to dive for balls (it was sand don't worry) while Kati the pro Volleyball pro was doing most (all) of the work.

Eric surprised me by coming home for my graduation. It was so sweet of him. He ate all our ice cream and cake and learned the Hoedown Throwdown. He is grrrrreat!

In exchange for him coming down to visit i taught him how to sew PJ pants, which really meant i just sat there all grumpy and tired, telling him what to do.

Then we had a party celebrating my graduation. We served my favorite food... Ice cream. We bought 35 different cartons of ice cream and millions of cones and let people have at it. We also provided chairs for people to sit on but they sat on the floor anyways. I got to see a lot of people that I love and I'm so grateful for their support through the years. That pic is of me and two of my lunch buddies Kathryn and Kati (I'm not sure where Jenny was but she is our other lunch buddy)

Then I graduated:

Here's me and the momma! I wish i could say those were tears in her eyes, but they were just rain drops.

Here's my handsome brother!

Here's the whole gang (minus a few who were who knows where)

To end this menagerie of happenings was the Senior party. A night full of fun, games, prizes, blow up twister, fake Elvises, and hypnotists. I won a set of hair color treatment products (no i have not dyed my hair recently) and a gift certificate for 4 free sport yoga or kickboxing classes, the latter i will use to learn to kick and box so i can beat up Ian at the end of the summer :) That is a picture of me corey and kathryn waiting for our free back massages!

That's my dad. I'm not sure why i couldn't find a picture of me and him at graduation. But I thought i'd throw him in this post anyways. He put on a funny hat and took pictures of everyone at the senior party.

So now i guess I'm supposed to write something corny about how high school was a big part of my life and i will miss all of my friends next year and all that jazz, but I'm too lazy and you are all probably way bored already so I'll just end with this short sweet cheesy saying... Good bye high school, hello summer!