Sunday, January 25, 2009

For My Lovely Sister Nicole (who's birthday is on Saturday by the way)

So I started a new quilt project. I know quilting is for old ladies but some how my mom got me sucked into it. Anyways, this post is mostly for Nicole because she wanted to see what i was working on. But everybody else can take a peak too. I still haven't decided on a pattern yet.

Sorry the pictures aren't very good. I'm not blessed with the gift of picture taking like some brothers of mine.

These are my main 2 colors.

This is a very dark picture of the complimentary fabrics.

This is another picture of the main fabric. We got a whole bunch of it for really cheap at a quilt shop nearby. I think its Micheal Miller.

This is the (almost) finished quilt that i made this summer.

So yeah, that's that! Have a wonderful week. And if I don't talk to you before Saturday:

Happy Birthday Nicole You're The Best Sister (in law) Ever To Walk The Planet!!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The past couple weeks have been crazy. Last week we had a 3 day school week thanks to two wonderful cold days. This week we have a 3 day school week due to those wonderful things called finals. Yes my friends today was my first day of finals. Of course our school was blessed with a five day weekend to prepare and study for our finals, and of course, i left it till the last minute so naturally i went to bed at 2 am last night/this morning about ready to declare myself permanantly at war with Mitosis, Glycolysis, Hydrolysis, and anything else that ends with -sis.

So what did I do with all those days of freedom if i wasm't diligently studying? Well, the answer is simple:

I did nothing.

And of course by nothing I mean I spent hours on facebook, youtube, blogs, watching movies and trying to work up the motivation to do something that wouldnt be a complete waste of time (this plan failed miserably). Now that you all think I am lazy, there are some wonderful things I did do this weekend.
- I saw Benjamin Button with some very good pals.
- My friend Ashley and I made a cheesy quote project thing for my Humanities class
-My mom and I went shopping for fabric, she's letting me make another quilt!
- I went to a hockey game
- And my personal favorite: the stake dance where they played Single Ladies by Beyonce and i got to hang out with my super hip friend katie!

Because of the cold days they crammed the finals into two days and you know what they say "4 finals a day keeps the social life away." And so with the joys of the weekend over I hopped to it and began my treck of finals cramming with a bowl of my favorite finals study food:pretzels and chocolate chips and studied from dawn till dusk...sort of.

I'm still alive after 1 day of finals, but I'm plenty exausted. And now i need to get back to studying. Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

-46 and Counting

Dear friends,
I was just informed by the local radio station that Rochester Public and Private schools will be closed tomorrow due to Cold Weather. Yes my friends, it is true. The expected low tomorrow is -22 without windchill, with windchill somewhere in the -40's. So, since the little kiddies waiting for the bus might get chilly, and because i am the most spoiled child of the family, the governer of Minnesota himself decided that it would be a better idea for everyone to stay home, drink hot cocoa, and do anything that doesn't involve learning. I agree with this statement in every way. Ah the joys of living in Minnesota.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some Poetry

So, I'm in a class called Writer's Workshop, and basically all we do is write random stuff. Anyways i had this assignment to write 10 poems using the different poetry styles (ex: Haiku, Limerick, sonnet etc.) I ended up doing the assignment late at night, and they're all about ice cream, Anyways, i thought i would share some with you.

A Limerick About Ice Cream:
While writing deep poetry my ice cream, it melted
And wails of great sadness and misery i belted
But I guess I'll recover
I'll just go get another
Bowl of sweet ice cream from the freezer where it dwelted

A Haiku for those who Appreciate Vanilla:
Some do not enjoy
Vanilla ice cream plain and white
That's rediculous

A quatrain about ice cream:
While in deep thought
I seem to have forgot
The ice cream I had lied
Directly by my side

And when I picked it up
And looked straight in the cup
The ice cream it was soup
melted soggy goop

So I got another bowl
Of chocolate dark as coal
And set it by my side
Where the melted ice cream lied

Not quite a Haiku about Ice cream:
There is nothing wrong with a ladybug
On a summer day so hot
Except for when it is in my ice cream

Monday, January 5, 2009

Puttin on the Ritz

Dear Friends,
Today I learned that ritz crackers don't really fill you up. Unless you eat the whole sleeve. Yes thats right, the whole sleeve.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Giving 2008 the boot.

Hello all!

Christmas was wonderful this year! I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of my best buddies in the whole entire world, Nathan Christian and Eric. My other brother and his wonderful wife celebrated Christmas with her family this year, but I'm not bitter... Much.

Anyways, the week of Christmas was filled with inexplicable wonders and joy. Upon coming home my brothers lovingly started desintigrating every christmas cookie in the house, to document their cooking eating they started a cookie count/competition.Nathan won with a whopping 28 cookies, Eric came in a close second with 23 cookies, but to be fair, he did leave a day before Nathan. And finally Christian only counted 6 cookies, however, he destroyed the masses in his own competition:

Christmas eve our family went and rang bells for Salvation Army, except we didn't just ring bells, Eric dressed up as Buddy the Elf and we played various Christmas Carols on beautiful sounding metal pipes. Then after totally rocking at raising money, we went to Naked Willy's Take and Bake pizza to pick up our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Pizza and Pop. While there we learned that dad really knows how to Shimmy and that its ok to talk to strangers if their dressed like buddy the elf. Finally we went home and ate our pizza while laughing and chattering about various things. Then we ended the night by playing Settlers, Bananagrams, and listening to dad tell us wonderful heart warming stories. Then like good little children we got in our PJ's and went straight to bed... after doing some last minute wrapping of presents and watching the Pursuit of Happyness.

Christmas day was just like every other Christmas in the history of my being, we had breakfast opened stockings, raced eachother to the tree, and then opened all of our presents. Then we took naps and ate and played games and ate some more, and then my mom and brothers built puzzles while I watched the nut cracker on PBS. It was sure a Jolly Christmas

After that we spent our time doing random things, Nathan and I made the creepiest cat stuffed animal on the planet, and our family went to Hu Hot.

After my brothers left all that was left was new years eve, I celebrated with some of my favorite girls from school. We stayed up til midnight and drank sparkling grape juice and attempted to learn Beyonce's single ladies dance while we kicked out year 2008 and welcomed 2009. Then in true sleep over fashion we went in the hot tub for 15 minutes watched mamma mia played wii and went to bed at 430 in the morning.

The final event of Christmas break was the postponed Christmas Ugly Sweater party/White Elephant Extravaganza which was a wonderful time. My friends are glorious people

And now I'm sitting at my computer thinking about how i have to go back to school soon, and I'm procrastinating the homework i have to do. So, i guess its time to sign off.

I hope your New Year is wonderfully happy!!