Friday, January 29, 2010

A Cheesy Little Love Note

Today has been one of those days,


It's really hard to have a bad day when you have a momma like mine!
Thanks for the package mom! I {love/miss} you so dang much!


P.S. Perfect timing...


  1. That IS a fabulous mom!

    What did she send you? I have been squinting at the picture. Is that orange jello with fruit on your lap?

  2. Haha, She sent me the package because I forgot a sock at home over Christmas break. So inside the package she put a picture of me and her, some heart shaped pasta and V-tines day towels, lots of chocolate, some temple names, and that mystery pan is actually a pan of her amazing chocolate brownies (which beat brownie mix any day of the week). Oh and the sock was in there somewhere. Now that I've made the list I feel like it's an I spy game! Warm fuzzies to any one who can spot everything! (except the sock because i promptly threw that on the floor after opening the package.)

  3. Catherine!

    I just found this, and I'm so excited! You look so cute, and it just reminded me how much I miss you! I'll keep checking back (is that stalker-like?). Love you!

    Jenny Cook

  4. Jenny! So good to hear from you! I miss you as well. Hope all is good in the Cook home!