Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad, Look at me now!

Hey friends,

I just thought i would update you on some of my recent adventures.

A few wednesdays ago I arrived at my new home at BYU. My roomates and I all get along, our favorite activities include: Sitting on the couch and talking, standing in the hallway and talking, and eating and talking. We've gotten to know some of the boys in our ward. The best way of making friends always revolves around food, especially when you throw it at people windows.

Anyways, I'm not really feeling inspired to write right now so I'll just post some pictures instead.

This is our first meal as BFFs/roomies we had some salad and spaghetti and yummy garlic bread!

These are some of the amazing friends I have made out here at BYU. (Some of them are missing) we had just gotten done with ice blocking.

This picture is for my parents. Just wanted them to know I'm doing ok. I'm also living off a nutricious diet of cereal. Also, in case anyone didn't know, they totally make Chocolate Marshmellow Matey's, they are delicious.

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